Annuals are the color and inspiration behind every great garden, hanging basket and planter.  Easy to grow and so many varieties available at Costa Farm! We grow eight greenhouses full of annuals from Allysum to Zinnias as well as a huge selection of herbs and vegetable plants.
Enjoy the beauty only flowers can bring all summer long.

No Neonics are used on our Annuals, we care about our pollinators!

Thank you for being honey bee conscientious!Cara Mahtomedi, MN

Proper sunlight, food and pinching (or pruning) are necessary for optimum plant health, please refer to our plant care page for more info.


SpeciesVarietyNoteAttracts ButterfliesAttracts HummingbirdsNew
AllysumWonderland Deep PurpleAbundance of bloomsyesyes
AllysumWonderland WhiteHoney Sweet Fragranceyesyes
AllysumWonderland MixDainty and dense, flowers continuouslyyesyes
AgeratumBlue Hawaii6-8" tall with blue flower headsyes
AgeratumBlue Horizon30" tall variety with 3-4 soft clusters in pale blueyesyes
AngeloniaAngelface Dark Violetsummer snapdragon, low maintenanceyes
AngeloniaAngelface PinkCottage Flower, prized accent plantyesyes
AngeloniaAngelface Wedgewood BlueExtra large,brillant colored blooms,very denseyes
AngeloniaAngelface WhiteVery hardy, full to part sun, no deadheadingyes
Asperagus FernSprengeriNeedle-like leaves, mounding
BacopaGulliver Great Classic PinkLt pink, vigorous, trailing plantyesyes
BacopaGulliver WhiteBright white, flowering trailing plantyes
BacopaGulliver BlueSoft purple, flowering trailing plantyes
BegoniaBossa Nova RedAbundant, tidy, self cleaning habityesyes
BegoniaSanta Cruz SunsetHeat tolerant, 5" scarlet blooms-Outstanding!yes
BegoniaDragon Wing RedExtremely large leaves, easy to grow!yes
BegoniaGryphonDramatic, marbled foliage
BegoniaIllumination (Cascading variety in baskets)Apricot, Rose, Golden Picotee, Orangeyes
BegoniaNonstop Mix (of Colors)Tuberous Large Bloomsyes
BegoniaGreen Leaf Sprint MixedWax Great for mass plantingsyes
BegoniaGreen Leaf Sprint RedWax Great for mass plantingsyes
BegoniaGreen Leaf Sprint WhiteWax Great for mass plantingsyes
BegoniaReigor Round RedHybrid of wax and tuberous begoniayes
BegoniaUnbelievable Lucky StrikeClear lemon w/peach hues, blue green leavesyes
BegoniaUnstoppable Upright FireLong dark leaves setting off brilliant, red bloomsyes
BegoniaUnstoppable Upright WhiteWhite with pink undertones, dark leavesyes
BrachyscomeToucan Tango8-10" mounded habit, daisy-like flowers yes
Bridal's VeilTahitian Bridal's VeilSmall abundant white flowers on vining plant
BrowalliaBells BlueShade lover, dainty blue flowers
BrowalliaEndless Illumination PWLavendar, star shaped blooms all summeryesyes
CalibrachoaSuperbells Cherry StarYellow star in the midst of the cherry floweryes
CalibrachoaSuperbells FrostfireWhite with yellow and scarlet throatyesyes
CalibrachoaSuperbells Lemon Slice Proven WinnerEye catching! Alternating yellow/white bloomsyes
CalibrachoaSuperbells Sweet Tart Proven WinnerRosy-pink with bright yellow throatyes
CalibrachoaMillion Bells Aloha, Noa and Callie SeriesAbundance of color, cascading habityes
CalibrachoaMillion Bells-- variety of colorsGreat in Baskets, Window Boxes & Potsyes
Candlestick VineTraditionalFantastic trailing vine, deer resistant
CannaTropical Bronze ScarletGreat tropical focal point!yesyes
CelosiaCastle MixPlumes up to 10" plant up to 16" rich colorsyesyes
CelosiaFresh Look OrangeBright border plant or add to a combo potyes
CelosiaNew Lookbright red plumes and purple-bronze leavesyes
CelosiaSmart Look RedRed plumes, Drought tolerantyes
CleomeClio MagentaBushy, upright habit w/pinkish purple bloomsyesyes
ColeusKong Lime SpriteStriking lime green with mahogany redyesyes
ColeusKong MosaicMottled foliage for shady areasyesyes
ColeusKong RoseFantastic- HUGE leavesyesyes
ColeusKong Salmon PinkUnique color combo, low maintenance yesyes
ColeusBlack DragonDeep purple maroon color, tooth edged foliageyesyesyes
ColeusCarefree Mix8-10" height lobed leavesyesyes
ColeusFairway Formula Mix8-10"height yesyes
ColeusMainstreet Abbey RoadLt green w/dark red veins, serrated pointy leafyesyesyes
ColeusMainstreet Fifth AveGreen/ Burgundy/ Pinkyesyes
ColeusMainstreet River WalkGreen and Yellowyesyes
ColeusMainstreeet Rodeo DriveLime colored accent plantyesyesyes
ColeusMainstreet Sunset BoulevardApricot and Bronzeyesyes
ColeusMainstreet Wall StreetOrange with burgundy shadesyesyes
ColeusTrailing Color Clouds HottieTrailing lime green leaf blotched with magenta.yesyesyes
ColeusTailing CuckooUniquely lobed foliage,oxblood w/gold-limeyesyesyes
ColeusTrailing PlumRich magenta/purple foliage w/low trailing habityesyes
CordylineRed StarSword shaped leaf, ruby red to burgundy coloryes
CosmosChocamochaCocoa scented with chocolate maroon bloomsyes
CosmosSonata MixLt pink, white and bright pink mixyes
CupheaMexican HeatherCharming purple flowers, low maintenanceyesyes
CupheaVermillionaireCigar plant 18-28" heat and drought tolerantyesyesyes
DahliaHypnotica BelliniBig flowers, salmon pink tonesyesyesyes
DahliaHypnotica SangriaMulti colored, red-orange-pink tonesyesyesyes
DahliaFigaro Mix5 colorsyesyes
DahliaFireworksAmazing striped blooms in wide range of coloryesyesyes
Dahlia XXLAlamosLg red, full double blooms yesyesyes
Dahlia XXLDurangoShowy, clean, yellowyesyesyes
Dahlia XXLHidalgoLight Coralyesyes
Dahlia XXLTaxcoBeautiful burgundy w/darker centeryesyes
DaisiesArgyranthemum ButterflyProfuse yellow bloomeryesyes
DaisiesNeptune WhiteBright white daisy with golden yellow centeryesyes
DiasciaDarla Series Appleblossom,Orange, Red, WhiteSlender spires packed w/pretty tubular bloomsyesyes
DipladeniaRio Hot Pink3" trumpet-shaped pink flowersyesyes
DorotheanthusMezoo Trailing RedSucculent foliage w/rose-red flowers
Dusty MillerSilver DustSilver/gray accent/border plant
EnseteBanana PlantTropical up to 5ft in MN
EuphorbiaDiamond DelightContinuous bloomer, no deadheadingyesyesyes
EuphorbiaDiamond FrostNon-stop airy white bloomsyesyes
EucalyptusSilver DropBeautiful silver/gray foliage plantyes
EvolvulusBlue My MindTrue blue, 8" tall, heat tolerantyesyes
FernBostonNice addition for those shady areas
FuchsiaWhite, Purple,Lavendar in hanging basketsGreat for shady areasyesyesyes
FuchsiaShadow Dancer RosellaUpright, compact, soft pink and white blooms yesyes
FuchsiaShadow Dancer VioletteSoft pink and violet bloomsyesyesyes
FuchsiaGartenmeisterUpright variety, shade, very hardyyesyesyes
GauraPerky PinkButterfly shaped blooms, profuse bloomeryes
GazaniaKiss MixBig, bright pink, yellow, orange bloomsyes
GazaniaNew Day MixLarger flowers on hardy plantsyes
GeraniumScented Orange FizzOrange scent with pink and mauve flowersyes
GeraniumAmericana VioletUprightyes
GeraniumBrocade Mrs. PollackVariegated,blue green,bronze,burgundyyesyes
GeraniumCalliope Dark RedUpright with semi-trailing habityesyes
GeraniumRocky Mountain Dark RedUprightyes
GeraniumRocky Mountain Light PinkUprightyes
GeraniumRocky Mountain SalmonUprightyes
GeraniumRocky Mountain WhiteUprightyes
GeraniumSurvivor BlueUprightyes
GeraniumSurvivor CherryUprightyes
GeraniumSurvivor Dark RedUprightyes
Geranium, Ivy5 colors- Red, Lavendar, Rose, Pink, MerlotMakes an awesome hanging basketyes
Gerbera DaisyMix of colors- Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink*Great cut flower!yesyes
GomphrenaPinball PurpleVibrant purple flowers, heat & drought tolerantyesyes
HelichrysmTraditionalAccent plant
HelichrysmLimeLime colored accent plant
HelichrysmSilverstarSmall, silvery, oval leavesyes
HeliotropeFragrant DelightA cottage garden favoriteyesyes
HerbsCilantro*Great for Salsa!yes
HerbsChives*Grow your own herbs!yes
HerbsOregano*Grow your own herbs!yes
HerbsParsley*Easy to growyes
HerbsSweet Basil*Good for all Italian recipesyes
HerbsRosemary*Potatoes, Lamb & Chicken
HerbsSage*Put on Pork roasts or loins
HypoestesSelect RosePolka dot plant, part shade plant
ImpatienAccent MixViolet, white, red, orangeyesyes
ImpatienAccent Mystic MixBright Eye,lilac,violet & lavendar blueyesyes
ImpatienAccent RedAccent series Ht. 12"yesyes
ImpatienAccent VioletAccent series Ht. 12"yesyes
ImpatienAccent WhiteAccent series Ht. 12"yesyes
ImpatienDazzler Mix9-11"tallm white, violet, red, orangeyesyes
ImpatienSuper Elfin LipstickHot, rose-pink flowersyesyes
ImpatienXtreme MixDeep Salmon, Lavender, Lilac, and Salmon.yesyesyes
ImpatienXtreme Pink8-10" tallyesyes
ImpatienXtreme OrangeLarge 2.5inch bloomsyesyes
ImpatienXtreme SalmonRich coral-orange coloryesyes
ImpatienXtreme Tango MixShades of rose,violet, scarlet & deep salmonyesyesyes
ImpatienTumbler Variety in BasketsRose, Salmon, Scarlet, Violet, Whiteyesyes
ImpatienMagnum BlueNew Guinea Vigorous plantyesyes
ImpatienMagnum FireNew Guinea Very large bloomsyesyes
ImpatienMagnum Lavender SplashNew Guinea Very large bloomsyesyes
ImpatienMagnum OrangeNew Guinea Vigorous plantyesyesyes
ImpatienMusica Elegant RedDouble Impatien 8-12" tallyesyesyes
ImpatienMusica MagentaDouble Impatien beautiful, saturated coloryesyesyes
ImpatienMusica Pink AromaDouble Impatienyesyes
IochromaRoyal Queen PurpleViolet, dangling, tubular flowersyesyes
Ivy VineGerman GreenLarge, dark green foliage, great in baskets
Ivy VineSwedishsucculent- like bright green, scalloped leaves
JuncusTwisted ArrowsStraight and twisted blue &green fronds
JuncusTwisterUpright and spiral grass-like plant
LantanaEvita OrangeCompact plants that thrive in full sun and heatyesyes
LantanaEvita RedButterflies love lantanayesyes
LantanaEvita RoseEvita series 10-12" tall yesyes
LantanaNew Gold*Heat and drought tolerant, Yellowyesyes
LantanaBandana Cherry SunriseCombines yellow, apricot, pink & crimsonyesyes
LisianthusFlorida BlueResembles a rose, very elegantyes
LobeliaRiviera Sky BlueBlue like the sky!yes
LobeliaRiviera Midnight BlueCompact, ball shaped habityes
LobeliaLaguna Sky BlueGreat overall performance, heat tolerantyes
LobeliaLucia Dark BlueMounds of flowers, loves heatyes
LophospermumLofos Compact RoseGorgeous wine red bloomsyes
LophospermumLofos Compact WhiteTrumpet flowersyes
LophospermumWine RedVining habityes
LysimachiaGoldilocksChains of trailing, bright yellow round foliage
LysimachiaSundew SpringsBrilliant golden foliage with sunny blooms
ManettiaCandy Corn VineProfuse yellow tipped, red-orange cigar-shaped flowers
MarigoldFrench Crested Bonanza BeeMahogany edged in pale goldyes
MarigoldFrench Crested Bonanza MixA mix of 7 bonanza colorsyes
MarigoldFrench Crested Janie Bright YellowVivid color, robust 2" bloomsyes
MarigoldFrench Crested Janie MixYellow, Orange, Spry, & Flame mixyes
MarigoldFrench Crested Janie Deep OrangeHt. 8-10" Spread 6-8"yes
MarigoldTaishan Yellow3 inch blooms! 12 inch tallyes
MecardoniaGold DustCountless, petite yellow blooms, easy plant
NemesiaBlue BirdPetite blue flower petals w/yellow ctr.yes
NemesiaNesia Dark BlueDark blue blooms w/bright yellow centeryesyes
NemesiaNesia SunshineGold, yellow and cream tones 10" tallyesyes
NemesiaOpal InnocenceScented, mix with pansies or combo potsyes
OreganoKent BeautyHop-like, papery pink flowers
Ornamental GrassPurple Fountain Grass3-4' tall Great for large pots, Purple hue
Ornamental GrassCyperus Papyrus King Tut & Baby TutArching stalks topped w/hair-like umbrellas
OsteospermumSummertime Sweet KardinalStunning plum purple w/deep purple eyesyesyesyes
OsteospermumSummertime Sweet YellowDaisy-like flowers 14-18" tallyesyes
OxalisBurgundy BlissLow light plant,shamrock shaped leaves
OxalisSunset VelvetFucshia stems,copper leaves, yellow blooms
PansyCollossus Formula MixBig 4inch Blooms!!yesyesyes
PansyDelta Premium Blotched MixMix of all colors w/blotchesyesyes
PansyDelta Premium Neon VioletViolet flowers w/deep violet winds &dark blotchyesyes
PansyDelta Pure Violet & WhiteLarge flowers, great garden performanceyesyesyes
PansyDelta Pure Colors Mix7 color mixyesyesyes
PansyDelta Tri Color MixPurple, Yellow and Blueyesyesyes
PansyMajestic Giant MixXtra-Large, blotched flowers w/strong coloryesyes
PenstemonPhoenix Red sold as annualRed flowers w/white throats on upright spikesyesyes
PenstemonPhoenix Violet sold as annualDeep violet w/white throats, trumpet shapedyesyes
PerillaPerilla TricolorBurgundy foliage w/ bright pink and green ctr
PetchoaSuperCal varietiesCross between Petunia and Calibrachoayesyes
PetuniaBlack CherryOpulent, velvety blooms in red-black yesyes
PetuniaSupertunia BordeauxPink flowers w/ deep plum-burgundy veinsyesyes
PetuniaSupertunia Morning Glory CharmSelf cleaning, purple-blue w/white throatyesyes
PetuniaSupertunia Pink CharmSoft pink blooms with white throats, rebloomeryesyes
PetuniaSupertunia Raspberry BlastPink blooms edged in deep cerise violetyesyesyes
PetuniaGlow Sky BlueMounding, trailing habit Pretty blue coloryesyesyes
PetuniaRay SalmonSingle or bicolored salmon bloomsyesyesyes
Petunia/GrandifloraDouble Cascade Bluegrandiflorayesyes
Petunia/GrandifloraBravo Formula Mixgrandiflorayesyes
Petunia/GrandifloraDaddy BlueSilvery blue with violet veinsyesyes
Petunia/GrandifloraDolce FragolinoShades of rosy cranberry w/touches of yellowyesyes
Petunia/GrandifloraDolce MixedMix of Limoncello, Flambe & Fragolinoyesyes
Petunia/GrandifloraDreams Burgundygrandiflorayesyes
Petunia/GrandifloraDreams Midnightgrandiflorayesyes
Petunia/GrandifloraDreams Patriot Mixgrandiflora Red White and Blueyesyes
Petunia/GrandifloraDreams Redgrandiflorayesyes
Petunia/GrandifloraDreams Whitegrandiflorayesyes
Petunia/GrandifloraFrost MixPurple color ringed with a white outer haloyesyes
Petunia/SpreadingRamblin Burgundy ChromeBurgundy w/silvery, chrome-like flushyesyes
Petunia/SpreadingEasy Wave Berry VelourRosy-red w/velvety undertones&darker throatsyesyes
Petunia/SpreadingEasy Wave BlueHt 6-10" Spread 30-39"yesyes
Petunia/SpreadingEasy Wave Burgundy StarStar pattern of burgundy and whiteyesyes
Petunia/SpreadingEasy Wave RedFast growing, free bloomingyesyes
Petunia/SpreadingEasy Wave WhiteMounding and spreading habityesyes
Petunia/SpreadingTidal Wave CherryWave Ht. 16-22" Spread 30-60"yesyes
Petunia/SpreadingTidal Wave SilverSilver with violet throat, very aggressiveyesyes
Petunia/PotuniaPlus CobaltRoyal blue 12" tall and 12"spreadyesyesyes
Petunia/PotuniaPlus PinkaliciousIntense pink color w/red centeryesyes
Petunia/PotuniaPlus WhiteBubble-like, round habit yesyes
Petunia/PotuniaPlus YellowBubble-like, round habit w/dk yellow centeryesyes
Petunia/SweetuniaBlack SatinGorgeous, rich, black velvet coloryesyes
Petunia/SweetuniaHot Rod RedBright red spreading 18" yesyes
Petunia/SweetuniaOrangeIntense red-tinged orange bloomsyesyes
PortulacaCupcakes CarrotOrange cup-shaped blooms, succulent foliage yes
PortulacaCupcakes Cherry BabyCherry w/red/orange hues. New*yesyes
PortulacaCupcakes Yellow ChromeBright yellow w/yellow ctr New*yesyes
PortulacaHappy Hour MixVivid/ fruity colors,loves hot and dry conditionsyes
PortulacaPazzazz Jumbo YellowHeat and drought tolerant, tough& durableyes
RosemaryRosemaryWonderful herb for chicken or potatoes!
RudbeckiaTiger Eye GoldHeat Lover, Daisy-likeyes
RuelliaPurple ShowersTubular, blue/purple, petunia-like flowers.Tallyesyesyes
SalviaBrazilian PurpleDeep purples above burgundy green foliageyesyesyes
SalviaCathedral Deep BlueRich color with abundant bloomsyesyes
SalviaGuarantica Black & BlueFrom Brazil,electric blue blooms w/blk stemsyesyes
SalviaSallyfun Deep OceanSpires of richly colored ocean blue flowersyesyesyes
SalviaSallyfun Snow White30" tall with bright snow white spiresyesyesyes
SalviaSaucy RedScarlet red flower spikes, self cleaningyesyesyes
SalviaSummer Jewel RedFire engine red blooms, emerald green foliageyesyes
SalviaVictoria BlueBlooms all summer, easy to grow, true blueyesyes
SalviaVista PurpleIntense purple, 10-12'in tall yesyes
SalviaVista RedDense spikes of brilliant red, tubular flowersyesyes
SalviaVelocity BlueDark blue flower spikes 16"yesyes
SalviaWendy's Wish24-30" ht. deep fuchsia flowers yesyes
ScaveolaBlueFan shaped flower, heat lovingyes
SedumLemon CoralSucculent, needle-shaped leaves
SetcreaseaPurple HeartTropical heat loving, vining plant
SnapdragonLiberty YellowStandardyesyes
SnapdragonSnapshot MixBushy and compact plants,full range of coloryesyes
SpikesTraditionalAccent plant
StachysLilac FallsTrailing habit, lilac colored flowers yesyes
StockGarden Vintage MixCottage garden flowers w/sweet clove-like scent
StrobilanthesPersian ShieldBest in part shade to shade for best color
SucculentsAssortedEasy to grow, they love heat!
SucculentsSavvy Combo Pots10" decorative pot assorted succulents
SunpatiensCompact Hot CoralSun or Shadeyesyes
SunpatiensCompact Lilac24-36" tall and wideyesyes
SunpatiensCompact RedDense, bushy plantsyesyes
SunpatiensCompact WhiteVigorous, huge flower power yesyes
SunpatiensSpreading Pink FlashGorgeous hot pink/blush/whiteyesyesyes
SunpatiensVigorous MagentaSun or shade,bigger than other new guineasyesyes
Sweet Potato VineBlackieBurgundy and dk black,trailing ornamental
Sweet Potato VineBright Ideas LimeCompact habit, chartreuse,fan shape
Sweet Potato VineBright Ideas Rusty RedEmerges rusty red/pink, matures to rusty/yellowyes
Sweet Potato VineSweet Georgia BullfrogVariegated burgundy w/ lt green blotchesyes
Sweet Potato VineSweet Georgia Heart Light GreenCompact habit, chartreuse
Sweet Potato VineSweet Georgia Heart PurpleCompact mounded habit, great accent plant
Sweet Potato VineMargueriteVigorous habit, chartreuse color
TalinumLimon Lime green foliageTiny flowers on tall wispy stems,easy to grow
ThunbergiaLemon & OrangeBlack Eyed Susan Vine--annualyesyes
ToreniaBlue MoonBright violet blue flowers, trailing habityes
TropaeolumDuckaliciousButtery-yellow w/ frilly duck foot-shaped petals
VerbenaBonariensis Little OneSun lover, purple flowers Ht. 18"yesyes
VerbenaEmpress VarietiesSemi upright habit 4″ tall -spread to 12″ wide.yesyes
VerbenaEstrella VarietiesSemi trailing, extremely large flowersyesyes
VerbenaWicked VarietiesSemi upright habit, bi-colored bloomsyesyesyes
Vinca VineExpofloraVining habit, accent plant
Vinca VineMaculataVining habit, accent plant
ZinniaDreamland Mixlarge Dahlia like double flowersyesyes
ZinniaProfusion Double Hot CherryDouble petalled blooms, AAS winner yesyes
ZinniaProfusion Double Yellow2 inch blooms -Highly prolific bloomeryesyes