Perennials are plants that survive our bitter cold temps in the winter and surprise us with their beauty from spring thru fall. They provide a garden with structure, texture and form from which you can then add annuals for added interest and color. When planting perennials consider creating a bird, bee and butterfly sanctuary in addition to creating a space that you will find pleasing for yourself. No Neonics are used at Costa Farm. We care about our pollinators! Stop out to see the healthy perennial plants at Costa Farm.

PerennialVarietyPot SizeAttracts ButterfliesDeer Resistant Attracts Hummingbirds
AsclepiasTuberosa Gay ButterfliesGallonyesyes
AstilbeAstary RoseGallonyesyes
Digitalis Candy MountainGallonyesyes
DigitalisDalmatian PeachGallonyesyes
EchinaceaPow Wow Wild BerryGallonyesyes
EchinaceaWhite SwanGallonyesyes
KniphofiaFire DanceGallonyesyesyes
MonardaRaspberry WineGallonyesyesyes
PapaverChampagne Bubbles MixGallonyesyesyes
Papaver Orientale Coral ReefGallonyesyesyes
SalviaMay NightGallonyesyesyes
VeronicaFirst LoveGallonyesyesyes
VeronicaGiles Van HeesGallonyesyesyes